Luke Powers

Lead Guitar & Vocals - Born and raised in Lanesville, Indiana…Luke has been playing in bands since the early age of 12.  The youngest of 6 kids, he grew up playing music with his siblings, as well as playing at church.  After playing with a number of local bands during his high-school years…he moved away to Los Angeles in 2000.  For 3 years, Luke wrote and played with the Los Angeles based southern rock band, Bolt Action Thrill, before returning to his hometown in Southern Indiana to fulfill his dream of building his own recording studio.  A year and a half into construction, he joined the Rachel Timberlake band.  Luke’s style is influenced by musicians ranging from Muddy Waters…to J. Mascis…to Stevie Ray Vaugn.  In addition to playing guitar, Luke co-writes with Rachel and produced the new album “American Made”

Jesse Bates

Rhythm Guitar & Vocals -  Jesse was born and raised in corydon IN. While music has always been a major part of his life, he didn't pick up the guitar until the mid 2000's.  After taking lessons for only 1 year, he started playing at the local blues bars in and around Louisville, KY.  For the next couple of years, he shared the stage with numerous local legends.  Jesse joined the Rachel Timberlake band in 2011, and brought his southern rock and blues influences with him, which you can hear in the music he plays.  His influences range from Waylon Jennings to Lynard Skynard, Stevie Ray Vaughn to ZZ Top, Albert King and Eric Clapton.

Tyler Shaver

Drums & Vocals  -  Since the day he was born, music has been one of Tyler’s biggest influences in life. Growing up around his musical family roots, Tyler began playing drums at the age of 12 years old. He quickly picked up, taking his studies of music into high school with everything from drum line to Orchestra to Jazz Band. Even though he's still young, Tyler has live performance experience as well as several studio sessions under his belt. Pulling influence from his favorite drummers only adds to the exciting show that he puts on every night he plays!

Don Coleman

Bass Guitar - Growing up in a musically family…Don started playing the upright bass at the young age of 10.  Joining the school orchestra only to get out of class, he stumbled upon his niche…and quickly moved on to join the high-school orchestra all during the same year.  Later in high-school, Don found himself playing bass in his first local R&B band.  In addition to bass guitar, he is also self-taught and proficient on the drums and keyboard.  After spending 20+ years playing around the Louisville region, Don joined the Rachel Timberlake band.  His influences include Sting, Victor Wooten, and Seven Dust. 

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